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maandag 5 mei 2008

Righteous among the nations

Canvas 18 x 24 cm. Paintdabbers, stamps.

Vandaag 5 mei is het bevrijdingsdag, maar het was ook mijn moeders verjaardag. Ik vind dit dan ook een mooie datum om dit canvas hier te laten zien.
Vanaf maart 1943 tot het eind van WOII hebben mijn ouders een schuilplaats geboden aan verschillende Joodse mensen, dit ondanks het feit dat ze toen al 8 kinderen in de leeftijd van 0-12 jaar hadden en in de laatste oorlogsjaren nog twee kinderen zouden krijgen. Ook woonden ze bijna recht tegenover een familie van NSBers en aan de andere kant zo'n 700m schuin tegenover hun woning was een SSkamp. Voor hun was het niets iets om achteraf over te praten, ik hoorde alles wat ik hier over weet van andere mensen ( ben zelf een aantal jaren na de oorlog geboren). het enige wat mijn ouders er over wilden zeggen was : "we deden alleen maar wat gedaan moest worden". Op 7 december 1986 kregen mijn ouders een onderscheiding van de Staat Israel , de Yad Vashem onderscheiding, Rechtvaardigen onder de Volkeren werden ze genoemd, hierbij hoort een medaille met daarin hun naam gegraveerd, een certificate of honor en het recht om een boom te planten in de een tuin van YadVashem park in Jerusalem, dit laatste is wegens plaatsgebrek vervangen door het plaatsen van een plaquette met hun naam in de Wall of Honor
in de tuin van de rechtvaardigen in Yad vashem in Jerusalem. Mijn vader was toen al overleden, hij kreeg deze onderscheiding postuum, mijn moeder overleed in 1988.

Today May 5th we commemorate that for The Netherlands WWII enden this date, it was also my mothers birthday. Therefor it seems right to me to show this canvas today.
During the last years of WWII my parents provided shelter for several Jewish people. At that time they had 8 childeren, aged 0-12, and at the end of the war they had 10. Across them lived a family of collaborators and within half a mile the other way there was a SScamp. For my parents it wasn't something to brag about afterwards, I never heard them talk about it. All they would say was : "We only did what had to be done" .
At 7 december 1986 they have been awarded by the State of Israel as Righteous among the nations ( by Yad Vashem). A person recognized as Righteous among the nations is awarded a specially minted medal bearing his or her name, a certificate of honor, and the privilige of his/her name being added to those on the Wall of Honor in the Garden of the righteous at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem; the last in lieu of a tree planting, which was discontinued for lack of space.
my father died in 1982, he received the award posthumous, my mother died in 1988.

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38 opmerkingen:

Stempelchaotin zei

Wow this is brilliant. Stunning design.

Hermine zei

Prachtig en heel speciaal Femmy.

Judy zei

Thank you for sharing the story of your brave parents and what a lovely memorial you have created on the canvas. I have on display a studio photo of my mother and I (I was just 1 at the time) that was taken to mark the end of WW11 and an army portrait of my father taken at the same time.

Donna zei

Lovely Femmy and what an amazing story behind the piece.

ilonka zei

prachtig! and very personal and special.

Rachel Bland zei

Great art! Love the colours!

Anneke zei

heel erg mooi femmy en het canvas is schitterend.
leuk he om te maken?

Rosie zei

What a marvellous tribute to your parents Femmy. I cannot even imagine living through something like that.Congratulations and bravo on your canvas! xoxoxo

Sija zei

Prachtig en heel speciaal Femmy!

Willy zei

Ontroerend verhaal en schitterend canvas, Femmy!

Janny zei

Prachtig Femmy, ook het bijzondere verhaal er bij!

Marilyn Rock zei

Femmy! This is a wonderful tribute to your parents; my how special they were and their memory the same. Thank you for sharing this with your canvas; it is beautiful and very meaningful. Quite moving.

Diana Evans zei

wonderful design and what a lovely sentiment....great work!

Charlie zei

What a wonderful story about your parents. I love hearing WWII stories. My Dad served in the army in WWII. He could not talk about it much. So I try to keep what memories I have that he did tell us alive through scraping and journaling. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anne's Cards zei

Met zo'n verhaal is de kaart nog specialer en mooier dan ze al is!prachtig!

hilmof zei

Thank you so much for sharing your families history with us and what a beautiful tribute you have made

Hugs Hilda

Yitte zei

Prachtige canvas Femmy en het verhaal erachter is heel speciaal!!

Carole zei

What a wonderful tribute piece.

Viola zei

All your new works look so fabulous, Femmy! As usual! :o)

ilonka zei

prachtig, femmy. Erg indrukwekkend verhaal.

vintage wil zei

och femmy
hier heb ik kippevel van geweldige ouders en erg indruk wekkend .heel mooi gedaan !!!!

sam21ski zei

WOW - fantastic

Gillian zei

A great tribute piece to your parents Femmy.

CraftyC zei

Its a wonderful canvas Femmy and a great memento!

Heather Robinson zei

I feel very honoured that you shared this amazing piece of your heritage with us. You are obviously so proud of your parents and justifiably so. They cared for others in a way that put their own lives at risk. The ultimate bravery. This piece is very personal and honours them beautifully.

Evidence of an Artistic Life zei

What a beautiful tribute to your parents-beautiful art and such a special message. Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog!
chris p

Anoniem zei

Femmy, I have tears in my eyes, reading the amazing story of your parents, and the Jewish people they helped! Your love and pride shine through in this very special piece of artwork! Thanks for sharing! Diane

The Reluctant Aquarian zei

this is beautiful - thank you for sharing your family's story.

filetta zei

it's a great and émouvante card !

Faye zei

Femmy, your story about your parents is so moving. Your tribute to them is very meaningful and beautiful. It took a very courageous and special type of person to do what was right in the face of extreme consequences.

Netti zei

Your parents were clearly very special and very brave people and this is a lovely way of commemorating what they did in the War and their award.

Sue zei

Femmy, this is a beautiful piece of art, and you must be so proud of your parents. Thank you for sharing a very moving piece of your family history xx

~*~Patty zei

Femmy ~ I am so moved and touched by your tribute piece (so wonderful!!!) to your special parents. I really have no words to express it. Thank you for sharing, you must be so proud to come from two such loving and caring individuals. oxxo

Jean zei

I am so touched by your sharing, thank you. I also shared your story with my son, it will go one and we won't forget....

The Paris Salon zei

Femmy, such a beautiful piece and inspiring story to go with it. My father was in Europe from 1944-1946, liberating camps in Germany and Austria. I'm sure your parents see this tribute from you and continue to be proud of you!

Anoniem zei

Wow, I don't know which I like better, the art or the story behind it.
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm glad it led me to yours.

Debbie zei

What a story and reflected so beautifully in your work.... this is such an emotional piece and you have captured it well!

Mam and Lizi zei

What a wonderful honor. What wonderful people! Heroes. Thank you for sharing the story.