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here I'll show some of my art: atc's, other cards and altered art.
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vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Orange and yellow .. School

34 opmerkingen:

Stempelchaotin zei

Oh Femmy this is really gorgeous.
Wonderful 4 x 4. Love them.

Thanks for this wonderful entry to TGiF.

Rein zei

schitterend Femmy, prachtige achtergrond en een mooi plaatje!

filetta zei

Femmy, it's wondeful, as usual ! which talent !! bravo, reallllllly !

herminesplace zei

Prachtig Femmy, mooie kleuren.

Willy zei

Schitterend, Femmy!

Mandy C zei

love this Femmy... theres a free collage sheet on my blog


Marilyn Rock zei

Femmy; you've been really busy! Love your recent works here. Beautiful backgrounds, images, your touches are fantastic as always. WOW!

rattytatty@fsmail.net zei

wonderful peice. Love all of it . Love the blended colours and the text and number background.

Gabi Mewi zei

Once again : wonderful art!

KardKrazy zei

Great colllage...so many fabulous elements!

Barbara zei

Such a yummy background.

Ginger zei

Gorgeous collage love it!!!

ilse zei

een hele mooie kaart

Faye zei

Wow, Femmy, you got in two Friday art works in one. This is so gorgeous. All the right touches. And your background is perfectly gorgeous.

Schokofee zei

Wonderful - I love your card!

WaldfrauAlexa zei

really beautiful

Ahkeraliisa zei

Lovely school elements and great vintage feeling in your card!

Gillian zei

A wonderful 4x4 Femmy:)

Heather Robinson zei

I see library books on your art piece....it warms my librarian heart! This little PW gal is one of my favourites and you have given her a wonderful background filled with numbers (just like her head will be as she's learning them)

ilonka zei

what an amazing 4x4!

Rosie zei

Femmy this is gorgeous! I love your backgrounds and your composition is always so well thought out! Great little piece of art! xoxoxo

sam21ski zei

Fab idea to combine the challenges, looks stunning as usual xxxxxx

Karina zei

This is beautiful too.

Carole zei

Your orange and yellow is fabulous.

Linda Elbourne zei

Brilliant Femmy - the colours are fab X

cmoh zei

I love how you combined the two challenges, very pretty!

Mam zei

Femmy, this is gorgeous! I got a "school" challenge done too. Today! Yay! It usually takes me much longer time.
I did the meme and put it on my primary blog:

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Love the firey tones of your card..great collaboration of themes with a beautiful result.

Kelly zei


hilmof zei

Absolutely stunning

Kris Dickinson zei

Wonderful Femmy! I love the warm colors too!

stamp and scrape zei

This is a really lovely 4x4. Great theme.

Paul B zei

Love this art, it really does evoke a sense of school with the girl and her satchel and your use of numbers & sums. The warm colours complement her warmth and happiness


Dawne zei

lovely xxx