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hier laat ik wat van mijn werk zien: atc's , andere kaarten en altered art.
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here I'll show some of my art: atc's, other cards and altered art.
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vrijdag 5 februari 2010

King Raven

20 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Oh wow this is magical.
Fantastic design Femmy. Love it.

johanna zei

wonderful piece, femmy! what a special crown you found for him!

Athena zei

Wow! Love the backgroud you've used. This is marvellous

Debby zei

Hi Femmy, this is a great piece. The colors and the raven are fab.

Cathy zei

I like the crown on the raven. I also like the background.

Kersten zei

He's very stately. Awesome card! :) Thanks for sharing.

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Prachtige 'kroon' en achtergrond,Femmy.
Met recht 'n King!!!

sam21ski zei

WOW fab background xxx

Yvonne zei

Gorgeous background!

Marilyn Rock zei

Absolutely awesome!

Lori Saul zei

Enchanting and I love your beautiful crown. So creative!

Petite Paperie zei

The colors you used are beautiful! What a unique crown. Love it!

indybev zei

What a rich background for your royal raven!

Planète zei

Great piece, love th background and the bird !

Jack zei

Love, love, love it!

Amy zei

what a mighty gorgeous raven creation!!

Rein zei

Schitterend femmy!

Linda zei

Love the raven card. It's wonderful.

I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by to enter my OWOH giveaway. It's so much fun meeting new people.

Viola zei


Shelle zei

wow your raven is great..love the background...it's really 3D