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hier laat ik wat van mijn werk zien: atc's , andere kaarten en altered art.
veel plezier hier en laat gerust een reactie achter.

here I'll show some of my art: atc's, other cards and altered art.
have fun and feel free to leave a comment.

maandag 6 oktober 2008

MMM Opposites

I choose Young&Old as my theme for Opposites at http://mixedmediamonday.wordpress.com/

27 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Schitterend Femmy.

Mandy C zei

really love this!

Kreativgeschwafel zei

that's fun! really wonderful!


this is really cute. i like the background most!

Marilyn Rock zei

Again; I love what you can do with any theme! This is awesome!

Tatsi zei

Came by to have a look and what a look it was! You have a very beautiful blog and your art looks even better here than in flickr with the gorgeous layout you have here.

Hugs, Tatsi

sam21ski zei

Fantastic and fab choice of image

Astrid Maclean zei

Stunning! fabulous images and great stamps!!

Kelly zei

beautiful card. love the images

Dawn zei

Wonderful images!

Moira zei

Fantastic, love the idea, the composition, the stamps, the words everything, really fabulous

Viola zei

Another beautiful piece!

Rosie zei

Such a fun piece Femmy - really whimsical!!

Beth zei

Lovely piece! The composition is wonderful.

Pascalebrad zei

The sentiments, the images they say all we want to know about these opposites. Pascale :)

http://truutske.punt.nl zei

Mooie tegenstelling Femmy.

Myriame zei

Schitterend Femmy en wat een leuk plaatje

Mam zei

I love this, Femmy!

Cucu- zei

Nice creation !

Anni's Art zei

Beautiful piece love the colours.

Fannie zei


Rein zei

Schitterend Femmy!

vintage wil zei

wat een schitterende kaart !!!

carolann zei

Fantastic piece hun great idea well done xxxx

carolann zei

Fantastic piece hun great idea well done xxxx

Debbi Baker zei

Terrific piece!!

catharinas-love zei

Vind het werkelijk prachtig !
Groetjes Rini